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Pierre frey presents skin by Naoki Kawano  milano design week


Pierre frey presents SKIN by Naoki Kawano Milano Design Week April 15th - 19st Pierre Frey showroom  Via Fatebenefratelli, 3 20121 Milano, 20121 MILANO, ITALY

The most profound thing about man is his skin.
Paul Valéry

Through our skin, we perceive the texture, weight, density, and temperature of matter. Touch and vision complement each other, enabling a richer understanding of the world around us.
This installation by artist Naoki Kawano explores the fusion of touch and vision, conceptualizing the wallpapers, rugs, and carpets that envelop our living spaces as "skins." Inspired by patterns found in pressed aluminum foil, the work draws from Kawano's "folia" series.

Individual parts with countless wrinkles resemble both continents and magnified skin, intertwining macro and micro perspectives.The patterns are reimagined in new mediums—fabric, wallpaper, and carpet—by the hands of Pierre Frey's artisans, transforming them into expressions distinct from the originals.

The installation comprises two rooms: "Room / Chandelier" and "Room / Menhir." Each space is filled with distinct patterns and features new furniture displayed as sculptural objects, devoid of their functional purpose.
Entering these rooms, we are immersed in patterns that stimulate not only our sight but also our touch.
The artist challenges our preconceptions by stripping familiar furniture of its functionality and presenting it as sculptural works, offering a fresh perspective on the very nature of objects.

Through the fusion of touch and vision, this installation serves as a device that unveils new worlds to us.

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